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Frac Optimization

Optimize your fracs with our experts running frac models targeting NPV, reserves, or cash flow., depending on your criteria.  We combine petrophysics analysis and reservoir simulators for maximum accuracy..  Frac dimensions, frac height control, optimum frac half-length.  DFIT / minifrac analysis and production matching are great ways to maximize accuracy to drive your field's development on your next fracs.  We also model refracs.

Acid Stimulation

Acid fracs solvent squeeze, and chemical wash treatment designs by world experts.  Specialists in compatibility testing for acid, oil, and formation rocks.  Vertical single stage or multistage horizontal wells.  Including wells that have issues with high closure stresses collapsing acid etching and wormholes.  Let us analyze your wells performance and prescribe your well's solution.

Reservoir Engineering

As a stand alone service,  or to support our frac optimization, we have experts that utilize either Fekete or Kappa based software.  Well test analysis, production forecasting, DFIT / minifrac analysis, in either analytical or nodal analysis modes.   Complementing frac optimization utilizes the forte of both reservoir and frac models where they work best.

Petrophysics / Geomechanics

As a standalone service, or to support frac modelling, petrophysics can be done on large groups of wells to determine reservoir properties and geomechanical rock properties.  Utilizing a specialized 20 step process, important things to enable proper frac engineer calculations such as correcting for kerogen, bad hole, gas effects and combine with all geological data.  Petrophysics is the important step to translate nad incorporate all geoscience into the hands of our frac engineers.

Field Supervision

Wellsite supervision by itself takes our best practises for safe, efficient and successful operations.  In domestic development plays to continually improve, or for technology transfer in wildcat international projects, our experts bring 10,000's of wells worth of experience to the table.

Training Courses

We have a host of different experts to teach frac, acid, petrophysics, reservoir, and other courses to help add to your and your team's success.  These are available in one day to one week formats, but all content is modular and can be customized to your needs.  Maximize skill and technology transfer from our team of experts.  Please ask for a list of our current courses, or make a request for new content.  We thrive on customizing the delivery of our material.

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