Operator Best Practises and Market Activity Reports

We sell reports to two types of companies: well operators and product supply/service companies. Operators use our reports to determine the best practices in fracturing and technology providers to improve their frac optimization and field development strategies. This is done by examining the oil and gas production after normalizing the diverse approaches and technologies used in the stimulation and completion of the wells. 

Product supply/service companies use one of several other reports to achieve different advantages. These regularly produced reports include tracking when fieldwork was done, how much work was done/products were consumed, where it was done, and who did it. Whether an operator, product, or service supplier, we can fully customize reports to your business needs.  By knowing the last 5 years of activity, as well as future projections, allows for great business plans for growth or new businesses.  The most recent 3 months' reports help you calibrate your company's projections and fine-tune your business plans.  The upcoming market report shows you who is doing the next work, where the market is, and how much market there will be to maximize your revenue and profit!

Operator Best Practises

Our original goal was to provide operators access to a layer of data that they never had before. Stimulation details and the oil and gas production results. This information was tough to collect which we made it our goal to provide operators direct access.  As time has past since we first started to provide these publicly available online databases in 2010, we have also provided the interpretation legwork to provide this 

Business Development

Knowing the past unlocks the future, including all the trends.  By examining the individual yearly trends of number of wells, well orientation, length of lateral portions, total drilled depth, number of stages/clusters, frac size per stage, and the price of oil and gas, you can trend for the past 5 years, see the last downturn/recovery, and predict the future.  If you combine all these factors together, you get an excellent view of the future of the market in its highs and lows.  It makes for a great and successful business plan.

Most Recent Activity

Every company has a budget and business plan.  We track the most recent industry history with most recent data compared to any other data source.  Using our most recent historical reports, graphs, and charts, your expected projections and business plan can be calibrated to the current natural divergence of the oil and gas prices influence on the market along with any other world or local geopolitical influences.  Our most recent and accurate the information, creates your best advantage.  Also, identify which opportunities you just missed to have the highest impact on your next quarter.

Upcoming Market

By knowing the number of upcoming wells that are planned, who is going to complete them, and the operators' most recent trends, we can produce the size of the servable market.  This allows for an abundance of maps, reports, graphs, and charts to identify the lowest hanging fruit and the best accounts to gain. 

Technology Applications

By accessing North American well files, we can research, collect, and summarize the use of different technologies.  We are able to not only track the amount that each technology is used, but also their impacts to oil and gas production. We can help prove where each technology should be used and its impact on costs and oil and gas production of the well.

Patent Research

We support patent filings through researching freedom to operate, infringement of existing patents, and the filing of new patents helping reduce the overall legal and filing fees.  From our 20 patents that we have filed in 5 countries, let us help you protect your intellectual property.  

Message from Our President

We pride ourselves on helping other companies make great economic plans and decisions.  We are the forefathers of frac data tied to activity, costs, and production, and we produce both standardized and custom reports.  Please ask us for pricing.

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Tim Leshchyshyn, President