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Frac Experts

We are highly experienced solution providers to the fracturing and acidizing markets, so far in over 25 countries on 6 continents.  As one of five worldwide fracturing engineering and operations consulting groups in the world, the only one from Canada, we boast individuals with over 30 years of experience on our team of over a dozen experts.  From the core of fracturing engineering, we have experts for projects in the areas of acidizing, reservoir engineering, geomechanics, and petrophysics.  With our vast experience in technology transfer between regions, identifying best practises, treatment designs, peer review, or field supervision, we can bring success to your project to wherever you are located... whether in Canada or around the world.

Our Credentials

We bring this and much more to the table

Conference Thought Leadership

We chair, keynote, and present currently 15 times per year, except during the pandemic.  This ranges from technical topics on frac optimization, production case studies, frac sand, water treatment, refracturing conferences as well as presentations on social license and regulatory topics.

Record-Breaking Team

  • Inventors filing 20 patents in 5 countries
  • Frac vertical pilot on 22,000 ft (7,000 m) TVD shale
  • Online frac database with over 300,000 wells
  • Over 15 peer-reviewed technical papers

Global Client Insights

We collect and track the fracturing and other well activity in North America.  Being engaged in many regions, we also have some human intelligence worldwide.  We serve the main players in North America plus technology transfer for worldwide companies trying to reproduce success in their own reservoirs.

Professional Approach

We provide an interdisciplinary team of experts covering many different areas such as fracturing, acidizing, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, and field operations.  Having worked many different high profile worksites that required social license, environmental stewardship, and of course, take everything we have learned around the world and transfer the part that applies to your project and refining the new parts that are uniquely needed for your project from our first principles innovators.

Meet Some of Our Team

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